Wednesday, 19 June 2019

This Japanese Company Created Sea Creature Shaped Teabags

This Japanese Company Created Sea Creature Shaped Teabags That Make Your Teacup Look Like An Ocean

According to the International Tea Committee, Brits consume around 100 million cups of tea daily, which amounts to almost 36 billion teacups per year. If you’re an avid tea drinker yourself, you’re probably familiar with the classic shape of the teabag. One Japanese company, called Ocean Teabag, decided to try a different approach to the classic teabag design and came up with a series of unique sea creature shaped teabags that will make your cup of tea look like an ocean.
To release these creative teabags, Ocean Teabag teamed up with Village Vanguard bookstore.
The designs include octopuses, jellyfish, isopods, dolphins and other sea creatures.
When inserted into a cup, the teabags look even more amazing. You could even fool an unsuspecting person there’s an actual octopus in their cup!
These teabags, however, come at quite a hefty price – one of them will set you back 1,820 yen ($16). In an interview with Bored Panda, Ocean Teabag said they first came up with the sea creature shaped teabags three years ago. The first design resembled a dolphin and as time went on, the company added more sea creatures.
Each of the teabags contain different teas. For example, the squid-shaped bag contains black Pu’er tea while the octopus one is filled with Keemun tea.
The Ocean Teabag online shop currently has over 50 different types of animal shaped teabags in stock and the squid and octopus-shaped bags teabags seem to be bestsellers.
Check out more unique sea creature shaped teabags below!

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