Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Ramsar Convention on wetlands and culture

ramsar culture

The Ramsar Convention on wetlands and culture

Culture is an attribute of all the activities of each society, as they evolve through the ages. As wetlands, since ancient times, have been inhabited and used in many ways by human beings, there are strong cultural and spiritual values associated with many of them.

It has become clear in recent years that nature conservation cannot be practiced successfully without regard to the welfare of local populations and without ensuring their active participation. This is the reason to include culture in wetland management activities, attempting thus to reconnect people to wetlands and leading to an integrated approach to the natural and cultural heritage.

The Ramsar Culture Network

A small working group of dedicated individuals and organisations has been helping for several years to ensure that cultural issues receive adequate attention at policy and implementation levels in the conservation and wise use of wetlands. More recently, with support from the MAVA Foundation, this Culture Working Group (CWG) has put in place the basis for a significant scaling-up of efforts in this area. One exciting component of this is the re-launch of the CWG in a more dynamic form, as a new Ramsar Culture Network (RCN), with much broader global membership.

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