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 3-7 NOVEMBER 2019

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Local Knowledge, Communication and Global Connectivity

         Nowadays, environmental change directly influences human activities as it can cause the disturbance or problems directly to the quality of life and living conditions of human. Also, it has the effect indirectly in the mean of natural disasters. Accordingly, the environmental movement efforts to configure policies, measures and implementation plans in order to address an increasing number of today’s environmental issues as well as nature conservation and repairing and preventing environmental degradation.
Focusing on Environmental education, it refers to a significant approach for sustainable development of environment that requires technology as a medium for effective transfer of knowledge to learners or human beings. In other words, human beings, including
individuals, families, communities, societies, country, region and global level, can manage their behaviors to live sustainably because of deeply understanding environmental education.
Importantly, the environmental education allows individuals to explore environmental issues, to raise their awareness and to be responsible for environmental care in their society. In addition, people will be able to share one’s knowledge and academic experiences to others. As a result, the exchange or the reciprocal knowledge will bring solutions concerning global change and climate change for the present and future.
          10th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC2019) is an international conference that aims to build participants’ academic cooperation, in which it encompasses scholars, researchers, educators, professors and local philosophers from all over the world.
This congress also provides opportunities for young generation, especially those from developing countries, to learn and to exchange knowledge as well as to contribute their ideas for solving current and future environmental problems. Moreover, those ideas will be educated, developed and communicated to various target groups of people around the world, such as presidents, planners and public officers, with the purpose of building a global community which has ability to solve globally environmental problems and to create a better and greener world. Additionally, as the congress will be held in Thailand, participants can explore around the city and discover the beauty of cultural attractions in Bangkok.
Importantly, it is a great opportunity for participants to study and truly understand the Sufficient Economy Philosophy: a practical knowledge of the greatest King Bhumibol Adulyadej Boromanad Bophit’s, eventually share or spread of the knowledge to their own countries.

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